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Back to School Safety Tips for Drivers in Alabama

Students and parents consumed with the back-to-school ritual often see transportation as an afterthought. However, it really should be one of the foremost concerns, as the return of buses and the influx of young, inexperienced drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists concentrated in a single area raises the risk of a serious crash in Mobile.  In fact,...

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Do Not Disturb Features Do Not Protect Mobile Drivers from Injury

Distracted driving has become a pervasive problem on the roads of Alabama. With smart phones becoming increasingly ubiquitous, technology manufacturers are taking steps to improve and expand Do Not Disturb functions that prevent a driver from using their phone while driving. Business Insider reports that the iOS 11 operating system for iPhone—due for release in...

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Aging Vehicles Pose Rising Risk of Mobile Car Accident

The cars we drive are getting older. But unlike fine wine or your favorite cast-iron pan, vehicles don't necessarily get better with age. In fact, a recent study by researchers from Australia and New Zealand opine that aging cars fail miserably by today's safety standards, particularly when colliding with newer, more well-designed vehicles that have the...

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Electric Shock Drowning Kills Two More in Alabama

Authorities have determined the cause of death for two Alabama women found dead in Lake Tuscaloosa one recent weekend: electrocution. This type of incident, sometimes referred to as "electric shock drowning," has become an increasing concern and raises challenging questions regarding who might be liable. reports the two friends had gone to the dock...

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Proposed Tort Reform Would Affect Injury Claims in Mobile, AL

Victims who count on the civil justice system to attain fair compensation for losses may soon face substantial limitations. A series of federal tort reform bills could undercut the ability of Mobile injury claimants to file a claim and receive adequate compensation for losses. According to the Washington Post and Center for Justice and Democracy, the proposed...

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