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Honest reviews from real people helped by Mobile, Alabama attorney Dean Waite

What actual clients and other lawyers say about an attorney speaks volumes. That's why Mobile, Ala. personal injury lawyer Dean Waite is proud to share the positive reviews he regularly receives from colleagues and clients throughout Alabama.

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Each review often represents many hours, days or even months of hard work on behalf of a single client. Some law firms avoid tougher cases. Dean Waite & Associates, LLC thrives on them. That's because we understand the importance of every single personal injury case.

An attorney's reputation matters. If other people don't respect a lawyer, why should you? Find out what many other people already know - Dean Waite gets the job done right. Read his reviews. Then contact us. Call (866) 434-5840 and schedule a free case evaluation.

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Testimonials for Mobile, AL personal injury attorney Dean Waite

From my experience, Attorney Dean Waite and Associates, LLC is a great law firm! They've been a tremendous help and have shown great hospitality to me and my family, doing everything they can to assist us with our case. I highly recommend Attorney Dean Waite and Associates, LLC to family, friends, and anybody who is looking for a good lawyer who not only represents them but cares for them!

- C.M., 8/18

I would definitely recommend Dean Waite’s office! After a car accident, the insurance company of the at-fault driver denied my medical claims. I contacted Dean Waite’s office after a friend’s recommendation. All of his staff were very friendly and helpful. I asked a lot of questions because I don’t know much about the legal process. They were patient, informative, and kept me updated. I do not live in AL (where the accident occurred), so though I did meet Dean Waite in office on a few occasions, they allowed me to handle most matters by email. The insurance company wanted to settle out of court with partial compensation. Dean Waite’s team took my case to trial. They had to prove fault because of a lacking police report. I had to testify, and his team was very helpful in calming my nerves! Dean Waite’s office won my case and I received full compensation for my injuries. I most appreciated their availability, patience in explaining the process, and how quickly they responded to my emails (even after hours).

- C.H., 7/18

In my dealing with Dean Waite's staff I have been more than pleased. The staff is very professional and willing to answer any questions i had. If you need an attorney for a personal injury case call these people they will help you or send you to the correct place to go for help. I wouldn't look any further for an attorney, this is the place to go. His staff is like talking to your sister instead of a stuffy Attorney's Office. Very friendly and professional!!!!!

- J.L., 7/18

On Dec. 14, 2016, a young man hit my car on Government Street. Dean Waite helped me resolve my case. He did a very good job. Thank you, Mr. Waite.

- C.H., 5/24/17

Last year, I was badly injured by a piece of machinery.  I called Mr. Waite's office and, somewhat to my surprise, I actually got to speak to Mr. Waite himself.  That same day, he personally met with me and got started working on my case.  From the minute I sat down with him, I could tell Mr. Waite actually cared about me as a person and was genuinely concerned about what had happened to me.  Mr. Waite was able to get me a great 6-figure settlement for my injuries and I couldn't have been more pleased that I hired him.  I would recommend Mr. Waite to anyone who needs an injury lawyer.

- W. G., 10/11/16

Mr. Waite took my case at the last moment and managed to salvage it. He is very straight forward and truthful. I feel he has gone the "extra mile" for me in a very short time. I have and will continue to refer people to Mr. Waite.

- G.C., 8/16/15

Dean Waite is the best lawyer that you can ever have. He gets the job done on time. He makes sure your medical bills are paid so you won't have to worry about them, and he also makes sure you get the best treatment. He is very funny and cool to be around, but most of all he makes sure your case is fair.

- W.T., 7/22/15

Dean Waite. The best accident attorney in the state of Alabama. He will get you the help you need and he has a very friendly and caring staff to see you thru.

- N.M., 7/22/15