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Costs and Losses from Alabama Motorcycle Accidents

Alabama auto accident attorneyAt approximately 12:10 PM, Alabama police received a call alerting them to a collision involving a motorcycle and a car. The car was a four-door Kia and he motorcycle was a 1997 Harley Davidson. The accident had happened at an intersection, according to The Anniston Star.

The specifics of the accident were still under investigation, but it was clear the crash was a serious one. The car's hood was ripped and looked like a crumpled piece of paper, and the front bumper had been ripped off the vehicle. The Harley was resting on its side, and its leather seat had been ripped from the frame.

The rider of the Harley was also seriously injured, and had to be airlifted to Birmingham UAB hospital in Birmingham, Alabama to obtain treatment for injuries.

Costs Can be High After Alabama Motorcycle Accidents

The risk of serious injury is much greater for motorcycle riders who are involved in accidents, as compared with people who are in a car or truck at the time of the incident. With no protection from impact, it comes as no surprise a motorcycle rider would be much more vulnerable to injuries due to a crash.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the serious injuries sustained by motorcycle accident victims require specialized care and require immediate care. This means it is common for victims of motorcycle accidents to have to be flown by air ambulance or air lifted to specialty hospitals where there are trauma centers that can handle the type of serious injuries experienced.

The cost of these air ambulances can be astronomical. According to NPR, the bills are often "sky high" following air transport to a medical center. Worse, these bills are rarely covered by health insurance providers. When the costs of an air ambulance are covered at all, the amount paid is usually very small.

This means a victim of a motorcycle accident who was transported to a hospital in an air ambulance could end up finding himself with a significant amount of medical debt due to the accident, even before any actual treatment is received. Depending upon the availability and quality of the victim's health insurance, the victim could also incur substantial additional costs as well.

All of these medical bills and costs have to be paid somehow. If the cause of the accident was another driver, the victim of the motorcycle accident may be able to seek compensation for financial losses due to medical costs.

The victim of a motorcycle accident harmed by another driver could also seek to obtain damages for other economic and non-financial losses as well, such as missed time from work and the pain endured as a result of injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident. Passengers aboard motorcycles who are hurt due to the careless driving of the person they are riding with could also potentially have the opportunity to pursue a claim to obtain these damages from the motorcycle driver.

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