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Alabama Attorney Explains Why You Must File a Police Report After a Car Accident

Alabama auto accident attorneyFirst things first: breathe. You’ve been in a car accident. Even a minor crash can shake you up. You might be frightened. You might be angry. You certainly are surprised. Take a deep breath. Breathe out. Do it again. Then get out of your car and assess the damage – to yourself and your car.  

Report your car accident to the police

Call the police to file a report. Doing so ensures that all the details of your accident are documented and your rights are protected. Filing a detailed and accurate police report also ensures the claims process goes smoothly and quickly. This will help, too, when you contact your insurance company if you decide to make a claim.  

Alabama is known to be tough on drivers who fail to report an accident to police. If the accident results in property damage, a driver can risk being convicted of a Class A misdemeanor. Penalties could include a $6,000 fine and up to a year in prison.  

The good news is you don’t have to sort out what to do after an accident on your own. Simply contact Dean Waite & Associates, LLC, experienced Alabama attorneys, if you need help on how the law applies to the facts of your claim.            

More tips and advice after an accident

Often, the police don’t come to an accident scene if no one is injured. But if you have contacted them, you have done your part, especially if a lawsuit is filled following an accident.  

Also, sometimes there are more injuries that are not always apparent at the time of the accident. Remember, just because you file a police report does not mean you are automatically making a claim. You also don’t know what the other person in the accident will decide to do or say after you have left the scene.           

Other advice:  

  • Take the name of the person you spoke to when reporting the accident. 
  • Find a witness if possible. 
  • Write down details about your accident. 
  • Take photographs or audio or video with your phone the damages, location. 
  • Include weather and lighting conditions. 

Often, after an accident, you may remember more details and they can be important. Contact the police officer and inquire if you can add these details to the accident report. 

Dean Waite & Associates, LLC has made a career out of helping accident victims in Alabama. We can guide you through the process and demand what you deserve for pain and suffering. Contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation. 

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