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Car Wrecks Frequently Happen on I-10 Bayway and Wallace Tunnel

Accidents frequently jam the overloaded Bayway, Wallace Tunnel

Alabama officials hope the new I-10 bridge can help prevent car accidents.

Car accidents have become increasingly common on the Interstate 10 Bayway and in the George Wallace Tunnel due to a wide variety of reasons, including a significant increase in the amount of traffic on such roads, according to Fox 10 News.

"Keep in mind, when I look out my window to the south, I see I-10 coming into the tunnel," Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson said in a recent interview with Fox 10 News. "And I don't know whether it's a bottleneck because of making the curve, but I can almost guarantee you that every week, I'm seeing it backed up because of a traffic accident in the tunnel. And I can hear the sirens coming."

News about serious accidents on I-10 and in the Wallace Tunnel is no surprise to our law firm. That's because our Mobile car accident attorneys know how catastrophic it can be when a driver behaves carelessly or recklessly in heavy traffic and puts everyone else on the road at risk. Roadway improvements to alleviate traffic are helpful, but the duty to drive safely and avoid causing collisions lies primarily in the hands of drivers.

Accidents soar higher on I-10 Bayway and Wallace Tunnel

Accidents have increased dramatically in the past decade on the I-10 Bayway in Mobile and in the Wallace Tunnel, which connects Blakeley Island with downtown Mobile underneath the Mobile River.

In 2010, there were 32 car accidents on the I-10 Bayway and in the Wallace Tunnel, according to car accident data collected by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT). By 2021, that number had soared to 317 collisions, according to Fox 10 news.

And just recently, one person was killed in a fatal car accident on I-10 in Mobile involving an SUV and a FedEx truck, according to WKRG News. The SUV rear-ended the delivery truck, resulting in the SUV catching fire.

Why are collisions more common on I-10 Bayway in Mobile?

Road safety officials cited two main reasons why there are more accidents on this highway in Mobile – heavier traffic and more distracted drivers. "We're seeing more crashes due to distracted driving and texting while driving," Tony Harris, an ALDOT spokesman, told FOX 10 News. "But the congestion is definitely a big factor."

In particular, double the number of vehicles (70,000 cars each day) use the Wallace Tunnel than the amount of traffic the tunnel was designed to handle (35,000 vehicles per day) when the 3,000-foot-long, four-lane tunnel was built in 1973, Harris told Fox 10 News.

Still, that doesn't excuse drivers from being negligent and causing car accidents that result in severe injuries or death. Crash victims may have recourse through the Alabama civil justice system, and an experienced car accident lawyer can help them navigate the process while advocating for their best interests.

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