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Fatal Crashes on “Bloody 98” Are a Problem in Mobile County

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An Alabama car accident lawyer explains

You know a highway is dangerous when it has its own ominous nickname. Such is the case with Highway 98 in Alabama, also known as “Bloody 98” among local residents. Here's why the highway got its grim moniker.

‘It’s accident after accident’

Sadly, it’s hardly news when a car accident claims people's lives on Highway 98. In early October 2021, four people were killed in a crash near the Big Creek Lane bridge.

“I grew up knowing this stretch of highway as ‘Bloody 98,’” said Glenda Ayer, a local resident. “I mean, because it’s accident after accident and it’s terrible.”

The highway, known as Moffett Road locally, is a major thoroughfare for travelers to and from Mississippi while also serving motorists in the Mobile area. As a result, it is often congested with both passenger cars and semi-trucks.

For example, Highway 98 is a safety issue for congregants of Grave Assembly of God in Wilmer. Pastor David Trippe says some motorists use a turning lane on the highway as a passing lane, creating a hazard for people leaving church events. He advises parishioners to take an alternative route.

Residents who frequently must use the highway feel their complaints about safety have been consistently ignored over the years.

Says Pastor Trippe: “You start to wonder how many lives must be lost before something’s done.”

What drivers need to know

Efforts to make Highway 98 safer date back to at least 2001 but have moved at a crawl for various reasons, including environmental litigation, redesigning, and financing. In the meantime, here are some safety tips for drivers:

  • Enter and exit a highway safely. Careless drivers often make sudden moves without using their turn signals.
  • Drive at the right speed. In addition to obeying the speed limit, drivers have a duty to make adjustments for traffic flow, weather, and road conditions.
  • Drive in the proper lane. Use the far left lane only for passing.
  • Use caution when passing. Always pass on the left, use your turn signal, check your mirrors, and look over your shoulder.
  • Share the road: Leave room between your vehicle, the one immediately in front of you, and the ones to your left and right.
  • Stay attentive: Scan the road ahead for obstructions, accidents, work zones, disabled vehicles, and other potential roadway hazards.

A car accident attorney can help you recover

If you were injured or a loved one died in a highway accident caused by someone else, you have recourse through the civil justice system—and an attorney can help you navigate the path ahead.

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