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I-65 Named Alabama's Deadliest Highway

Bay Minette with interstate highway road i-65 in Alabama with General WK Wilson Jr. bridge over Mobile bay water in summer

What makes some highways more dangerous than others?

Interstate 65 in Alabama was named the state's most dangerous highway, according to a recent nationwide study conducted by Car Insurance Comparison, which ranked the most dangerous highways in every state nationwide.

"Each state has dangerous highways, but some routes claim far more lives than others," the Car Insurance Comparison article stated.

Interstate 65: Alabama's most dangerous highway

Traffic safety researchers at Car Insurance Comparison used several standards to determine the most dangerous highway in each state. Based on these different criteria, I-65 was ranked the most dangerous highway in Alabama.

Interstate 65 runs 366 miles north to south through Alabama. Starting in Mobile, AL, near I-10 and the Gulf of Mexico, I-65 travels through Montgomery, AL, and Birmingham, AL, before reaching the Alabama-Tennessee state line.

Each year, on average, 33 people die in car accidents on Interstate 65 in Alabama, according to the Car Insurance Comparison study based on accident data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

What are other dangerous highways in Alabama?

Interstate 65 isn't the only dangerous highway in Alabama. According to another traffic safety study by ValuePenguin, two of the 100 deadliest highways in the United States can be found in Alabama. The two Alabama highways that made the top 100 list were:

  • I-65 in Jefferson County, Alabama — Ranked the 20th most dangerous road in the country.
  • I-59 in Jefferson County, Alabama — Ranked the 46th deadliest road in the US.

Jefferson County, Alabama, includes Montgomery and is the largest county in the state by population.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) rated U.S. Highway 431 in Alabama as one of the most dangerous roads in the world in 2013, according to Car Insurance Comparison.

Common factors in highway accidents

Car accident fatalities were not the only reason Car Insurance Comparison ranked some highways more dangerous than others. Four other factors also came into play and consistently result in more highway accidents. The four common factors are:

  • Hazardous weather – Heavy rain, hurricanes, snow, ice, high winds, and other inclement weather often cause highway accidents.
  • Dangerous conditions – Highways with sharp curves, steep drops, wind tunnels, and mountain passes can be extremely dangerous.
  • Outdated infrastructure – Potholes, missing guardrails, and poor lighting often play a role in causing highway accidents.
  • Heavy traffic – Highways with heavy traffic consistently have more accidents in most cases.

"The deadliest highways in America tend to share common features," Car Insurance Comparison stated. "America's deadliest roads are usually heavily congested and prone to driving hazards like extreme weather."

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