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Study Examines Sources of Distracted Driving

It’s important for drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Looking away for even a few seconds can have severe consequences. During those few seconds, someone can walk into the road, or a car in front can come to a sudden stop. A driver who is distracted won’t be able to react in time, leading to a car accident that can leave people hurt.

Despite the known dangers of distracted driving, it is still a cause of accidents in Mobile and throughout Alabama. People are left injured and need medical treatment. Medical expenses can become overwhelming. Victims may not be able to work and there is less money coming in. But holding distracted drivers accountable can be a complicated process.

Crunching the data

What are the sources of driver distraction? Two researchers from Drexel University conducted a study to find out.

Ou Stella Liang and Christopher Yang examined the habits of drivers across three age groups as they drove a total of 50 million miles in six states. The researchers used data from the Strategic Highway Research Program Naturalistic Driving Study, which monitored driving habits using cameras, sensors and radar.

The biggest sources of distraction among these drivers were:

  • In-cabin objects – These are defined as anything inside the vehicle. Drivers were distracted by moving objects, pets, bugs, or by dropping or reaching for objects. This was a major source of distraction among all age groups and genders.
  • Mobile phones – These were also a major distraction, especially among older male drivers.
  • In-vehicle information systems – These systems that provide drivers with navigation assistance, weather conditions and other information were the next biggest source of distraction – but a more recent study found that these systems may be even more distracting. Systems with a large touchscreen display were found to be very distracting, especially among older drivers.
  • External scenes – Drivers were distracted by something outside the car, such as crashes, animals, construction or people walking.

You need experienced legal representation

The authors of the study noted that other sources of distracted driving may not be getting as much attention as they should.

“Coupled with its high prevalence, External Scenes distraction is both common and contributes significant risk,” they wrote. “In-vehicle technologies prove to be as hazardous as mobile devices, although current legislation has not taken a stance against in-vehicle technology use. In-cabin Objects universally elevated the odds of at-fault crashes, but has not been extensively studied.”

If you get into a crash in Mobile or anywhere in Alabama, it’s important to have an experienced car accident lawyer on your side. It can be difficult to prove a driver was distracted. At Dean Waite & Associates, LLC, we take nothing for granted.

Our legal team investigates your crash to gather evidence that proves the other driver was at fault. This can include cell phone records, witness statements or video from traffic cameras. We carefully review all documentation, including accident reports and medical records. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts and other specialists.

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