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Why Seek Medical Attention after a Rear-End Crash in Mobile?

Alabama auto accident attorneyIf you were involved in a rear-end crash and another driver caused the accident, you should be able to get compensation for the collision. Alabama law requires drivers to have $25,000 in liability coverage per injured person and a total of $50,000 in liability coverage per collision, although many drivers have more. A crash victim who can prove another driver was to blame for an accident can recover for all economic and non-financial losses and an insurer will pay for these damages up to policy limits.

In a rear-end crash, victims whose car was hit from the back can usually prove the rear driver was at fault for the accident since drivers in the rear are presumed to have caused the crash by not leaving a large enough following distance.  Victims, however, also have to prove the injuries which they are claiming compensation for were caused by the crash. Victims need to get prompt medical help so they can document exactly what injuries the car accident caused them to experience.

Why Seek Medical Attention After a Rear-End Crash in Mobile?

You need to get medical attention after a rear-end crash in Mobile because you need the doctor who examines you after the accident to provide medical records which can be used as evidence in a claim for compensation. It will be up to you to convince the insurance company to offer you a reasonable settlement to cover your crash losses, or to convince a jury in a civil lawsuit to award you fair compensation for your crash injuries and losses.

The medical records which are prepared by a doctor who conducts an exam after your injuries are going to be invaluable evidence in showing the crash caused harm.  If you do not see a doctor right away and get documented evidence the crash caused injuries, the insurer can try to argue the injuries didn't actually happen, were caused by something else, or are being exaggerated.

You also want to get prompt medical help so the extent and severity of the injuries can be clearly documented.  The time in the immediate aftermath of the accident is when the injuries are most severe and you want this to be noted on your medical records and documented by medical professionals. The compensation you receive after a collision is largely based on the severity of your injuries. You are compensated for the costs of treating those injuries, for pain they cause you to experience, and for any work you miss due to the injuries. The more documented proof you have of the severity of the injuries, the larger the amount of compensation you should receive.

Getting prompt medical attention so you have evidence necessary to make an insurance claim is important to shield you from significant financial loss. Auto Insurance Center reports the 2013 average claim payout for a bodily injury claim was $15,607. If you don't have proof of how your injuries happened and how badly you were hurt, you may not be able to make a successful claim and may be left with thousands in uncompensated losses.

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