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Mobile Football Fans Can Help Reduce Car Accident Risks

Alabama auto accident attorneyIf you are a fan of the Crimson Tide or of any professional or local football teams, you know how much fun it is to watch the game at the stadium, at a bar, or at the home of a friend. While watching football can be a lot of fun, spectators also need to be responsible fans and make sure they do not endanger themselves or others.

One of the biggest risks on game days is car accidents, as football fans end up having too much to drink and getting behind the wheel of their cars. Data from Department of Transportation has shown a 13 percent increase in drunk driving arrests on game days, which can mean a lot more people are on the roads drunk who do not get caught.

As a football fan, you can do your part to ensure you do not contribute to the added risk of drunk driving car accidents and to help others avoid dangerous driving behaviors as well.

How Football Fans in Mobile Can Help Reduce Car Accident Risks on Game Days

As a football fan, there are a few things you can do to help reduce drunk driving car accident risks:

  • Consider offering to be the designated driver. Around 45 percent of football spectators say they consume at least three alcoholic beverages as they watch the game. These fans are going to need someone to drive them home. If your friends are planning to drink at the game, think about offering to drive so they don't have to.
  • Think about skipping the tailgating. According to ABC, one in 12 people who attend a football game will end up leaving legally intoxicated. Tailgaters are 14 times as likely as the average football fan to be drunk when they leave the game.
  • Drink responsibly. If you are going to drink and not be the designated driver, you still should be mindful of how much you consume. One in four tailgaters said they'd consumed at least five alcoholic beverages, which crosses the line into the definition of binge drinking. Even if you aren't going to drive, you don't want to be so impaired by alcohol you can't handle making safe choices about who to get into a car with.
  • Don't let anyone drive drunk. If you are with someone who is considering driving while impaired, stop them. Take their keys, call them a cab, or even get stadium security involved to prevent them from getting behind the wheel impaired and taking a chance on hurting themselves and others.
  • Make sure your designated driver stays sober. If you plan on a designated driver taking you home, make sure the DD doesn't drink.  You should think about providing other beverages for the designated driver if you are tailgating to reduce the temptation to drink.

By being a responsible football fan and following these safety tips, you and your friends can have a great time at the game without worrying about getting hurt or injuring or killing others in a car accident on the ride home.


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