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What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

Our lawyers can prove who was at fault

Knowing why car accidents happen in Alabama can be confusing. Many different factors often come into play when accidents occur in Mobile or throughout the state. That's why it's important to have a police officer investigate your crash.

But don't simply rely on local police officers or members of the Alabama Highway Patrol. Make sure you have someone on your side investigating your accident and looking out for your best interests: Dean Waite & Associates, LLC.

Located in Mobile and serving accident victims throughout Alabama, accident attorney Dean Waite has years of experience dealing with many different types of motor vehicle accidents. He knows how to investigate accidents and uncover the truth.

Why do auto accidents happen in Alabama?

No two accidents are ever exactly alike. Every crash is unique. But many accidents happen for many of the same general reasons. Some of the most common causes of crashes that we regularly encounter at our law firm include:

If your car crash occurred for any of these reasons or another one, contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case.

How can Dean Waite help me with my car wreck?

Understanding why your car wreck occurred is an important part of your accident investigation. Without the facts, insurance companies might be reluctant to fairly compensate you for your crash.

Proving exactly why a motor vehicle accident occurred can often be far more complicated than many people realize. Fortunately, Dean Waite knows what evidence to look for, what questions to ask and how to transform that information into a rock-solid case.

Find out how our law firm can help uncover the cause of your crash. Contact us today. Call (866) 434-5840 and schedule a free case evaluation. Best of all, you only have to pay if you win. That's because we work on a contingency fee basis. It's that simple.

Dean Waite & Associates, LLC - uncovering the truth, one car wreck at a time.

Distracted driving

Texting while driving is against the law in Alabama. Unfortunately, some drivers ignore such laws and cause serious crashes. Texting drivers often deny any wrongdoing. Fortunately, cellphone records can often be obtained after an accident to prove that the driver was indeed breaking the law and texting while driving.

Other forms of distracted driving that frequently contribute to the cause of car wrecks include:

  • Using a phone while driving
  • Eating while driving
  • Operating a GPS
  • Personal grooming (applying makeup, combing hair, etc.)

Whatever the cause of your Alabama distracted driving accident, contact us. We can help.

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Drowsy driving

Falling asleep at the wheel can result in a serious car wreck. Many people believe such accidents are victimless crimes. But the reality is drivers have a choice. And when someone chooses to continue driving and falls asleep at the wheel, that driver puts everyone on the road at risk. Like those who cause distracted driving accidents, tired drivers may deny any wrongdoing.

We know how to investigate tired driving accidents. The absence of skid marks on the road is a telltale sign. Another common clue - the driver has no memory of the accident. Attorney Waite and experts familiar with such cases can thoroughly investigate your accident and search for the information you need to build a strong legal case.

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When drivers exceed the posted speed limit, they often don't have time to stop to avoid an accident. That's why speeding accidents remain one of the most common causes of car wrecks in Alabama. Far too many drivers fail to drive a safe speed, resulting in serious speeding accidents.

Investigators can often determine the speed a vehicle was traveling based on the damage to the vehicles involved. Another piece of evidence investigators carefully review includes the length of the skid marks on the road.  By comparing the skid marks to the damage to the vehicles, police can often pinpoint the speed of the vehicle that caused your accident.

We can help review your accident report and make sure the investigating officer recorded the appropriate speed. We frequently consult with accident reconstruction experts on such topics. Your memories of the accident also matter. If you believe the other car was traveling significantly faster, we're prepared to investigate that angle of your accident.

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Drunk driving

The dangers of drunk driving in Alabama have been well documented for decades. Everyone knows it's dangerous to drink excessively and drive – in Alabama, drunk drivers cause over 200 deaths per year – yet some drivers choose to take chances with the lives of others. If you're a victim of a drunk driving accident in Mobile or any other location in Alabama, contact our law firm immediately.

Alabama's driving while under the influence (DUI) laws can be extremely complicated. What's considered intoxicated varies depending on the age of the driver and the driver's type of license. Most drivers with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent are considered drunk in Alabama. The rules are stricter for Commercial Driver's License (CDL) holders, where the limit is 0.04 percent, and drivers under 21 years old, who must adhere to a 0.02 percent BAC limit.

Dean Waite takes a tough stance against drunk drivers who cause serious accident. As your accident attorney, he will work tirelessly to make sure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve for your Alabama DUI accident.

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Reckless driving

Weaving in between traffic, changing lanes without warning, driving too closely, tailgating - these are just some examples of reckless driving. When drivers take such risks and cause serious accidents, those drivers should be held accountable.

That's what drives us to work hard at Dean Waite & Associates, LLC - our sense of justice and strong held belief that reckless drivers should be held responsible.  If you are represented by our law firm, we will do everything we can to fight for your rights and make sure you're fairly compensated for your accident.

Remember, you didn't do anything wrong. You shouldn't have to pay for someone else's poor judgement. Don't hesitate ... Call Dean Waite. We want to learn more about your accident and work with you to develop a strategy that fits your specific case.

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