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What happens if your claim is denied after a car or truck accident?

Alabama truck accident attorney

Imagine getting into a car or truck accident and facing serious injuries. You’re suddenly dealing with significant medical bills and other expenses related to the crash. You expect the bills to be covered by the insurance company for the at-fault driver.

Then, you receive shocking news: Your claim has been denied. It’s a frightening scenario that happens far too often. In such circumstances, accident victims often think they have no choice but to accept the decision as final.

If you received this type of decision after an accident, keep in mind that it’s not the end of your claim. You have options. You can fight the denial, and you may end up receiving more compensation than you imagined for your losses.

How can a lawyer help with fighting a denied insurance claim?

While it’s worthwhile to challenge an insurance company’s decision to deny your claim, be aware that the process can be time-consuming and involve complex legal issues. Insurance companies have deep pockets and hire lawyers to defend their interests. You may be struggling to recover from the accident.  It’s common for accident victims to feel overwhelmed when going up against an insurance company that has resources to push back when challenged.

The good news is you can hire an experienced attorney who can advocate on your behalf. If you think you don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer, think again. Car accident attorneys like Dean Waite work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay a fee if you win.

An attorney with a record of success handling car and truck accident claims

Dean Waite & Associates, LLC has a proven track record of success when it comes to car and truck accident claims denied by insurance companies. The law firm recently settled a case for $250,000 after the insurance company denied the claim involving a crash caused by an 18-wheeler.

The insurer tried to blame the 18-wheeler wreck on the victim, who then turned to Dean Waite & Associates for legal help. The law firm put its resources and experience to work for the client and transformed a denied claim into significant compensation.

Why would an insurance company deny a claim?

Insurance companies are in business to make profits. They want to ensure they bring in more money in premiums than they pay out in claims. So, their adjusters will deny as many claims as possible. They look for any reason to deny the claim and hope that the victim of the accident won’t hire an attorney and challenge them.

Here are some common reasons adjusters might cite in denying a claim (there are many others):

  • Blame the victim: You might get a call or a letter from an insurance company stating that you could have avoided the accident, or you took an action that caused the wreck.
  • You didn’t get medical treatment fast enough: The insurance company might say you waited to see a doctor after the accident. They might use this as evidence you weren’t seriously injured, or the injury was pre-existing.
  • Damages are higher than the policy allows: The claim may be denied because the insurance contract covers a certain amount, and your damages exceed that limit. An attorney can help find other insurance coverage that may bring additional compensation.

If the insurance company used any of these reasons to deny your claim – or they used some other excuse – don’t hesitate to contact a knowledgeable attorney in Mobile, Alabama. You will need strong legal support to help guide you through the process.

Let Dean Waite & Associates, LLC fight the insurance company on your behalf and pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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