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Premises Liability Lawyer Mobile, AL

Handling slip and fall cases, dog bite claims and other accidents involving property owner negligence

Alabama property owners have a legal responsibility to make sure property regularly used by the public does not pose an unreasonable danger. Alabamians should reasonably expect to be able to use or walk on public property and not sustain a serious personal injury.

Unfortunately, some property owners or landlords fail to take steps to properly maintain their property, resulting in hazardous conditions in Mobile and throughout the state. Sometimes, neglect is to blame. A broken handrail or dimly lighted hallway might lead to a slip and fall accident. Other times, attacks occur on the property because of dangerous conditions. A landlord might have failed to hire security guards for an apartment complex that is known to attract criminal activity. A physical assault or murder on the property may be grounds for a premises liability lawsuit because of negligent security.

Whatever the reason, accidents can occur as a result of dangerous conditions. If you or a loved one was injured or a loved one died in an accident, contact Dean Waite & Associates, LLC. Know your rights!

What is a premises liability accident?

Premises liability is a legal term that refers to the rights and responsibilities of the owners of property used by the public. The property owner may be liable for any injuries that are sustained by people who use their premises.

In Alabama, accidents on property often cover a wide range. The key element in such cases involves establishing that the property owner knew the property was or could potentially be dangerous, but chose to do nothing to correct the hazardous situation.

Some of the most common premises liability cases a lawyer might handle include:

  • Slip and fall accidents - These types of accidents are common at restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and parking lots where the owner has been negligent. Click on the link labeled "slip and fall accidents" to learn more about proving liability.
  • Swimming pool accidents - Public and private swimming pools need to be properly secured and supervised to prevent accidents from happening there.
  • Assaults due to negligent security - Poor lighting, lack of security and the absence of warning signs could be grounds for a legitimate premises liability case.
  • Dog bites - Click on the link labeled "dog bites" to learn more about these cases.

Why should I contact Dean Waite about my Alabama premises liability claim?

The financial impact of a premises liability accident can add up faster than you might realize. You may be facing exorbitant medical bills. You might need to take time off from work for doctor appointments or give up your job because of a disability. In no time at all, you might face financial hardship because of the accident-related expenses.

That's not right. That's why Dean Waite takes such cases so seriously. He strongly believes property owners should be held accountable for their actions and that injury victims should not have to suffer financially, physically or emotionally.

FAQs about Premises Liability

What are common causes of premises liability accidents?

The following are just a few causes of accidents that might spark a premises liability lawsuit:

  • Poor maintenance
  • Inadequate security
  • Defective construction

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Who determines who's responsible for premises liability accidents?

Either the insurance company for the property owner or a jury will likely determine who's responsible for your accident. Insurance companies might offer you a settlement for a specific dollar amount. Otherwise, you might need to file a premises liability lawsuit and take the property owner to court. If you file a lawsuit and the jury rules in your favor, you might be entitled to a monetary award as part of your verdict. In either case, it's always best to have an experienced attorney on your side.

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How much is my premises liability case worth?

Every case is different. A jury or insurance company will likely decide how much to award you in the form of a settlement or verdict. Such awards can vary from a few dollars to millions of dollars. Many factors often come into play when determining the value of your case. As your attorney, Dean Waite will lobby for the maximum compensation you're entitled to receive under the law. He works this way for several reasons: to get injury victims the money they deserve and to send a strong, clear message to property owners that reckless or negligent behavior will not be tolerated.

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Should I accept an offer from an insurance company for my premises liability claim?

We urge you to speak with an attorney before accepting an offer. What might seem like a reasonable offer might not even come close to covering the true cost of your injury accident. Most insurance companies make low-ball offers soon after an accident. We think long term. We take into account the true, full cost of a premises liability accident - including lost future income, physical therapy, home modifications due to a permanent injury and more. Contact our firm today. We can carefully review your offer with you and offer you honest advice.

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Should I file a premises liability lawsuit to resolve my case?

Most premises liability claims end with settlements. But filing a premises liability lawsuit might be necessary in order to get the compensation victims need. Dean Waite prepares each case as if it's going to go to trial. If you are represented by attorney Waite, he can explain the pros and cons of all the different legal options. That way, you can make an informed decision that is in your best interest.

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