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Hit by a drowsy driver in Alabama?

Every year, car accidents happen because a driver was fatigued or actually fell asleep at the wheel. As a result, they lose control of the car and get into a crash – and people end up hurt. They suffer injuries that require medical treatment and leave them unable to work. Some even suffer permanent injuries.

Insurance companies are supposed to help people who have been hurt in a car accident. But they are mostly interested in their own bottom line and will try to pay victims as little as possible. The experienced car accident attorneys at Dean Waite & Associates, LLC fight to help car accident victims recover the financial compensation they need and deserve.

Alabama has the fourth-highest rate of drowsy driving in America. (Source: ValuePenguin)

One problem with claims involving these types of accidents is proving that a driver was asleep at the wheel. The driver may deny being fatigued or falling asleep and may even deny causing the crash at all. And the official police report of the accident may not include any notation about the driver possibly being fatigued.

We dig deeper for the truth

Our legal team investigates your crash and will work to build the strongest case possible. We know where to look for evidence that the driver was extremely tired. We review all documentation related to the accident and identify and talk to witnesses. If needed, we’ll consult with experts who can help us understand what happened.

We focus on putting together a case that holds the fatigued driver accountable, one that the insurance company can’t ignore. We can determine the total amount of damages you suffered as a result of your crash and fight to help you recover compensation. When we take your case, we prepare to fight for you in court.

Many times, when insurance companies see the work we have put into your case and the determination we have to get results for you, they realize it is in their best interests to negotiate with us. We’re not here to help the insurance company save money. We are only interested in a resolution of your case that meets your needs.

Your needs come first here

This includes compensation for medical expenses related to the treatment of your injury – both now and in the future. It includes compensation for any lost income you suffered if you were unable to return to work. And we may also seek compensation for other damages you’ve suffered, such as pain and suffering.

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